ZOREYA Makeup Brushes Premium Real Walnut 15pc

ZOREYA Makeup Brushes Premium Real Walnut 15pc

ZOREYA Makeup Brushes Premium genuine Walnut 15pc

ZOREYA Makeup Brushes Premium genuine Walnut 15pc

ZOREYA Makeup Brushes Premium Real Walnut 15pc

About the product

  • ✔️ [GIFT] Get our extremely user friendly 15 piece walnut brush set for the important daily makeup products usage or buy one as a very important present to your friend, household, or love people, they will love this amazing brush set
  • ✔️ [MATERIAL] Crafted with walnut lumber from walnut trees being recognized for it’s toughness will last you a long time and awesome smooth bristle that stroke carefully on the skin
  • ✔️ [PROFESSIONAL] a complete variety of brushes that’ll satisfy your entire essential day-to-day makeup products requires
  • ✔️ [QUALITY] utilizing high quality materials to create every person brush which will boost your functions flawlessly
  • ✔️ [Money Back fully guaranteed] Our company is confident within product which we’re providing the best to our customers

Product Description

Labeled form Brushes Sets made out of sturdy Long Lasting Walnut Wood Handle

(16P) Powder Brush– Great for heavier protection, used to evenly distribute powder onto your face. Ideal for a finishing searching.

(15A) Angled Contour Brush– Great tool for sculpting and accentuating your face’s well features. Perfectly fit on your own all-natural bone shadow outlines.

(12F) Foundation Brush– accustomed distribute liquid or lotion kind foundation on the skin without making harsh lines. Constantly begin application from the inner areas of the face outwards to stop visible basis sides.

(5C) Concealer Brush– with gentle patting movements, dab the concealer brush right onto the imperfections or over dark groups and softly blend it.

(7SF) Fan Brush– utilize it to apply a light dirt of veiling powder or powder highlighter producing a velvety smooth finish.

(8S) huge Shader Brush– dip it into your attention shadow pan to simply help bring complete pigment on your own eyelids.

(8S) Medium Shader Brush– Medium dimensions shader for a more professional and exact touch on the eyelid.

(7SS) Short Shader Brush– an even more accurate version of huge shader brush to essentially go into details

(7BS) Blending Brush– Perfect for softening-up harsh sides remaining by strong pigments, additionally ideal for applying highlighter on the inner sides of eyes and eyebrow bone.

(5EL) Eyeliner Brush– ideal for exact application having better control on level of range you need to achieve.

(5BL) Brow and Lash Brush– put it to use for applying eyebrow dust, pomade or brow wax. The spoolie on the other side end can be utilized both for brushing the eyebrows or covering the eyelashes with mascara.

(6BC) Brow comb-brush– Use carefully to get rid of clumps of products from eyebrow hairs.

(4L) Lip Brush– usage for exact and managed lip application.

(SSE) Smudge Eye Sponge– use the sponge tip to smudge any harsh lines for a smoky result

(A) Angled Brow– used to use eyebrow fillers

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Consumer questions & answers

What are the made of?is the hair natural?
The brush hairs are synthetic. We are a company that’s against Animal Cruelty
does the case lie level when open?
Yes it will
Do they shed?
I haven’t had any shedding problems.
how does the case into the description with this product vary from the case shown in the client reviews??
We made an upgrade to the case, some customers practiced a smell from the previous bag, and so we changed the case to a different one.

Customer reviews

Tomacina Culmer
5.0 away from 5 performers: they do the trick as well as’re positively gorgeous the price.
 These brushes came in exemplary problem. We read a lot of reviews about a powerful odor whenever starting the package, luckily mine had been odor free. I experienced one or two hairs fall from dust brush but after those used to don’t notice any shedding. I’ve however to truly use them but in comparison to my various other brushes they seem like they’ll finish the same job as well as’re absolutely stunning when it comes to cost.
5.0 from 5 performers: Amazing quality, perfect for a newbie.
Absolutely amazing quality for the cost (approx. $19), extremely impressed. The manages tend to be beautiful, the metal the main brush in addition to synthetic “hairs”/bristles tend to be firmly attached with all brushes, no wriggling or shedding. The bristles are super smooth too (on the ones being said to be smooth anyhow). They all arrived in disposable plastic sleeves, the biggest and tiniest ones likewise have reusable synthetic sleeves to protect the brush bristles from damage. The situation is truly great too, other reviews reported the brushes had a smell, the scent ended up being coming from the instance, it smells like industrial glue. I’ve had the way it is airing aside for a number of hours therefore the tiny has faded considerably, I am able to nevertheless smell it only when I place the instance up to my nostrils, We anticipate it to be gone totally in just a few days. The case consists of artificial leather it is very nice high quality, virtually looks genuine. It’s well-constructed and feels sturdy, has actually a zippered pocket where you could keep a few tiny items, and contains magnetic closures. Additionally has actually a fabric flap that addresses the brush bristles to safeguard the remainder case from getting makeup products residue on it. Additionally there is a fabric bag that you can keep the case in to protect it. I adore that most of the brushes state whatever they is utilized for on handles, I’m a novice with regards to compensate therefore I find it truly helpful.
5.0 regarding 5 movie stars: Amazing product the money
Thank you for looking into my present order. It arrived as promised and was purchased for a buddy’s birthday celebration. I own a 22 piece brush set from Coastal fragrances that I’ve had for three-years now and also already been extremely pleased with. But we discovered I only make use of approximately half the brushes in my own ready thus I decided to get the woman small set. Your brushes had better yet reviews than CS and so I purchased them. I enjoy the way it is, the satin case so it comes in, while the brushes tend to be gorgeous! I happened to be astonished because of the strong substance scent that originated from the packaging when it initially appeared however it started initially to fade after becoming opened for many hours. I’d buy your brushes again in a heart beat. Thanks for a good product at an excellent cost!
5.0 from 5 stars: Overall good
I bought these brushes for whenever we travel when I tend to lose things and forget at resort hotels. I read all of the unfavorable reviews and had been ready for an unpleasant smell when got it. But didn’t smell such a thing radical. Yes, there is certainly a faint odor from the pouch, but not exactly what some people say, that nearly neighbors could smell it… I also read comments that the brushes aren’t “high end”? I’m shocked that people anticipate a high end item for $20 produced in Asia. You can’t even get a good breakfast for 2 at iHop for the price. Go to Neiman Marcus, add another zero toward price and you may get no smell higher end brushes. I’ve $175 brushes put that i take advantage of at home and even that was currently on sale at Nordstrom’s. The brushes look quite decent for the cost and general the thing I expected. For $20 it’s going to do its task.
5.0 out of 5 movie stars: Left of Center particular Brush Kit – LOVE THEM! ❤️
 Love these! For cost they quality and brush bag and pouch are good quality. There clearly was a brand new car scent that I asked but after a using some wipes it dissipated. Some brushes had a white flake to them but after cleaning them it performed go-away. I enjoy the style of brush as well as the handle!
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