Rika LED facial massager – Light Therapy Device for Acne

Rika LED facial massager – Light Therapy Device for Acne

Rika LED facial massager. 3 color Photo LED light therapy Facial Massager, Light Therapy Device for zits, Vibration Skin Firming Care

Rika LED facial massager

Rika LED facial massager

About the product

  • Please apply your own personal toner and serum on face before making use of the unit. The best serum is in liquid type including Vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid, moisturizing essence etc. You may want to re-apply during therapy.
  • Delivers skin-care items’ ingredients deeply into epidermis, create your item more efficient.
  • RED Light is one of the most powerful colors to increase blood circulation. Stimulate epidermis cells to excrete collagen to obtain firm and smooth surface. BLUE Light has actually exemplary aftereffect of treating pimples and eliminate micro-organisms. It may adjust epidermis sebum release and effectively eradicate pimples. GREEN Light is used for anti-aging, smoothing wrinkle and good outlines, treating wounds function.
  • Vibration purpose which works in 2 modes: extreme vibration in consistent progress or perhaps in discontinuous progress. Ship from United States Of America. Free 12 months manufacture guarantee.

Product Description

  • The reason why the product is not turned on?——–We test our services and products 100per cent before deliveries. This revolutionary product is certainly not electric battery run therefore has to be plugged in when utilizing it. Please DON’T charge it. For those who have any concern, kindly feel free to contact is via “contact seller”. We work 1 week a week to answer the questions you have.
  • What exactly is LED light therapy?——–LED light treatment helps you to decrease the look of pimples by eliminating the p-acnes micro-organisms. It targets noticeable signs of the aging process, fine outlines, and lines and wrinkles to greatly help normally plump within the skin. LED light treatment therapy is a non-invasive therapy and needs no down time. This will be an excellent treatment especially when along with treatments such microdermabrasion, peels, and dermal rolling.
  • Why my product isn’t working after charging?——This device isn’t battery run and it has to be plugged into energy when using it.
  • How to make from the LED lights?——The LED lights wont start unless you go for it. Please pick PHOTON and use SHIFT to show on lights.
  • What is the return plan for Rika 3 shade LED facial massager?——–We offer 30 days free return.
  • Why personally i think hook tingling feeling when using the device?——-If you may be a newbie, be sure to constantly focus on power level 1. Please always apply adequate serum/oil/cream when operating the device. Some people can be sensitive to the ion and feel little stinging on hand, please maintain your fingers dried out, you can also put the handle with a cloth. You should not be worried about it.
  • How must I charge the device?——–This machine does not have battery pack so it needs to be plugged in when operating.
  • Does the product temperature up?——No it doesn’t. However, you may feel some “warm” on face after with the Light-emitting Diode light therapy which is typical.
  • what sort of serum do you recommend to use using the device?——–Please use clarifying toner/serum for cleansing purpose. For anti-aging function, please make use of anti-aging serum or other liquid based cosmetic product such Vitamin C/hyaluronic acid/collagen serum and face oil.
  • just what should I consider after treatment?——–Please stay away from sunburn in 1 week following the therapy, be sure you apply sunblock.
  • How usually should I use the machine?——–2~3 times a week, 5 minutes for entire face, 10~15 minutes for human anatomy every time. Please reference the user handbook for lots more details.
  • How quickly do I begin to see the result?——Results may vary centered on type of skin and condition. Ideal email address details are achieved with regular use. Most of the people will see results in 3~5 days.
Rika LED facial massager

Rika LED facial massager


Rika LED facial massager integrates the effectiveness of 3 technologies: Light-emitting Diode light Photon Rejuvenation, Ionic +/- Thecnology and Micro-vibration which interact to rapidly create lasting outcomes. It not just gets better facial contours and skin tone but through its state-of-the-art technology it will significantly reduce fine lines and treat acnes.

In only mins every day, assists in easing wrinkles, enhance epidermis elasticity and face contour, diminish blemishes, and revitalize your entire skin.

WARNING: this product just isn’t battery pack run and it needs to be plugged in when working with it. Kindly DON’T cost it. For those who have any concern, kindly feel free to contact is via “contact seller”. We work 7 days a week to resolve the questions you have.

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