PURA D’OR (4 oz) Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

PURA D’OR (4 oz) Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

PURA D’OR (4 oz) Organic Moroccan Argan Oil 100% Pure Cold Pressed, USDA Certified Organic, natural Anti-Aging Moisturizer Treatment for Face, Hair, body & Nails, guys & Women

PURA D'OR (4 oz) natural Moroccan Argan Oil

PURA D’OR (4 oz) Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

About the product

    • Item expires after one year once the item is available. Instructions – On skin- wipe between palms and massage onto desired area for just one minute. Reapply as needed. On locks- Apply bit straight to scalp or hair after shampoo and conditioner. Dry as usual
    • 100% PURE. 100per cent Pure Organic Argan Oil. Cold pressed, unrefined with no chemicals included.
    • BODY, HAIR & FACE TREATMENT. This pure, normal, natural oil restores elasticity, softens lines and wrinkles and good lines, heals dried out head stimulating hair regeneration, and restores nutrient content to skin cells treating a range of skin problems.
    • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY. This 100% Argan Oil is manufactured with the highest business requirements.
    • GENTLE YET EFFECTIVE. Specially created to effectively treat all tresses, head and kinds of skin. Gentle sufficient for day-to-day usage.
  • SCIENCE + NATURE. All PURA D’OR formulas bundle technology and nature to deliver transformative hair and skin treatment. USDA Organic. Pesticide-Free. No SLS (Sulfates). No Parabens. No Artificial Colorants. No Artificial Perfumes. No Harmful Chemicals, Gluten Free. Hypo-Allergenic. Made in Morocco. Color secured.

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Color:Argan Oil

Pura d’or Argan oil is Hollywood’s ideal Kept Secret. Now Available towards Public!

Natural Ceritifed by Ecocert through NOP. USDA Organic.
Argan oil normally called Liquid Gold because of it becoming the most costly and rarest cosmetic oil today. Actually, this is the literal interpretation of your brand name Pura d’or. Pura indicates natural and D’or suggests Gold. Pura d’or is natural Gold, not only in words however in content: Get a bottle with this liquid silver argan oil these days and also you’ll see for yourself! 
-Treat dried-out skin, eczema & psoriasis
-Reduce facial blemishes
-Reduce muscle pain
-Reduce the look of scars
-Effective moisturizer
-Non greasy, non-greasy & deep penetration
-Reduce wrinkles
-Treat dark groups under eyes
-Mild anti-bacterial
-Treat dry, brittle, frizzy & damaged hair
-Protect from cold winds, pollutions & smoke

Argan oil is all normal, cool pressed through the Argan tree native to South-western Morocco. No chemical substances included and safe for several hair, epidermis and body kinds. It really is a-sharp comparison to your excessive chemical-rich cosmetic formulas discovered these days on the market.

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Consumer questions & answers

This has a thumbs down on Fakespot for 69% fake reviews. Does it actually work or are the good reviews bogus?
It was ok , I don’t see any drastic change. Most of the positive reviews are because of discounted price. Give it a try, If u don’t like it you can always return it.
I read some reviews that whenever we order we have artificial essential oils? could it be real? We ordered one and kindly let me know easily had received the pure one or otherwise not.
Well, in the event that you purchased Pura Argan Oil through Amazon you obtain genuine. We bought it because my girl insisted and I an totally 100percent behind the product. Further, for your information – which may be the truth – I’m 82 yrs . old and a male! The reason why would some body anything like me utilize this product? Because We have extremely dry sk…
I have purchased two bottles and in the bottom of both bottles I noticed a white film, almost resembling mold? What could this be?
Pure Argan oil is one that has some cloudiness in it, which means that the oil has undergone less strainers. Authentic Argan Oil often has a tiny bit of sediment at the bottom of the bottle and it appears a bit “cloudy”. The highly refined or fake oil will not have this sediment and will look very clear. Don’t be alar…
just obtained this these days, was anticipating some heavy residue in the bottom of container but saw nothing. is the product genuine or fake?
i’d positively say authentic! I’ve been utilizing it every day since buying a month ago and have now already had tremendous results.

Customer reviews

Ryan Demich
5.0 out-of 5 performers: Josie who?
IN LIKE. Virtually no scent, absorbs like a dream and after only three days my epidermis is grateful. This is certainly a precise dupe for JM brand from Sephora and a portion of the cost. It came in a nice little bag with product tips (side note: you men need better translations for your English section; it’s just a little Bing convert literal) while the pump united states a lot preferred across typical dropper these have. Very excited I come upon the product and will truly buy it again!
Diana C
5.0 regarding 5 performers: Great for dried out tresses and skin!

This analysis is very long over due. We purchased my very first container in March 2016 and I’m at this time back at my 4th bottle in Sept 2017. Initially, i acquired this Pura D’or Moroccan Argan Oil for my locks. My locks is oily from the origins, but colored and extremely dry+a bit wavy toward the end. It can a fantastic job moisturizing/taming it without getting oily. This thing absorbs actually fast because i take advantage of it on my moist locks (end of my hair only!) and my arms don’t get greasy after.

Today, shifting towards reason it deserves my time and energy to provide an elegant analysis. I’ve travelled overseas recently and due to jet lag and environment modification, my jaw area began getting itchy dried out patches (I have combination sensitive and painful epidermis). I attempted different face moisterizers and creams, however they didn’t work. I’ve been doing the Korean 10 action natual skin care for more than decade, thus I was truly cautious in what We apply my face. I became desperate since I have was in a foreign country, I made the decision to use Pura D’or Moroccan Argan Oil on my face (i make it with me for my locks). My dry patches disappear after two days! We began getting dry patches on back of my throat once I came back to U.S., I utilized the product again and they’re gone after one night!!

TL;DR: this product isn’t just ideal for dried out colored hair, itis also great for dry skin without getting oily/greasy. I enjoy it 😀

Mary B.
5.0 from 5 performers: sweet oil both for skin and tresses!
I just got this also it appears to try everything i would like thus far. This is basically the very first time i’ve purchased argan oil from Pura D’or but my sister gave me a bottle of the wonderful rosehip oil as a birthday gift, and so I reliable the brand name. The cup bottle and plastic pump top are good and it came securely shrink-wrapped/sealed. The oil is obvious and mainly odorless; we identify a faint smell I would describe as “pine needles” but it dissipates rapidly. We used only a little on the finishes of my tresses (i purchased it mainly to use as a hair therapy), and dabbed a tiny amount regarding the edges of my eyes as well as on the tops of my hands as a moisturizer. It absorbed effectively and left my arms really smooth. I’m lucky is hitting my 40s with no face wrinkles therefore I won’t be able to touch upon if it helps with this but it is REALLY moisturizing thus I continues to make use of on face and certainly will upgrade post if I notice any effects. I always liked results i acquired from argan tresses products like Moroccan Oil and OGX oil treatments nonetheless they have included chemical compounds and particularly silicones therefore I ended up being desperate to try this. I also can’t recommend adequate this brand name’s rosehip oil for tresses, especially if you’re looking a hair oil to problem wavy, dry tresses.
Etana Vered
5.0 out-of 5 stars: therefore I turned to argan oil and added Alteya Organics pure rose oil to it(it’s like 10cc’s), and my skin really loves it
This material is fabulous. Before this I was utilizing raw shea butter on my face because I am very acne prone and shea butter has actually a comedogenic score of 0. What people don’t understand though is a comedogenic rating of 0 doesn’t mean it wont prompt you to bust out. It indicates it ISN’T LIKELY…every skin differs. i think it clogged my skin pores some, I really switched to argan oil and added Alteya Organics pure rose oil to it(it’s want 10cc’s), and my epidermis loves it. Positively really loves it. In the event that you purchase the flower oil, go right to the Alteya Organics internet site. It’s method cheaper…and no We don’t work with all of them lol. It just truly bugs me when sellers on Amazon hike up the cost on right here. I believe it’s like 12 bucks more on Amazon than from real site….sorry for rambling lol
5.0 away from 5 performers: appreciate!
Omg…this oil changed my FACE! I’ve been deploying it for some weeks and I’ve observed a dramatic difference in my skin: it’s silky soft and plump, together with fine lines back at my forehead (I’m 33) have all but vanished! I’m in addition EXTREMELY at risk of outbreaks, and thus far brilliant! Perhaps not a blemish around the corner!
some goes quite a distance with this oil. We discover We don’t need to utilize that much therefore the results final well in to the next day!
I’ve constantly judged my skincare because of the “does it make me break out? No? Then I guess it’s great!” maxim, and for the very first time, I actually FEEL a discernible distinction…my epidermis feels healthier and more youthful. If only I’d discovered this within my 20s!
Also, my makeup products application (basis) is noticeabley smoother and easier. I also look for i personally use a LOT less. It sinks in faster, and We don’t have actually as much discoloration to full cover up!
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