Bio-Oil 200ml: Multiuse Skincare Oil

Bio-Oil 200ml: Multiuse Skincare Oil

Bio-Oil 200ml - Multiuse Skincare Oil

Bio-Oil 200ml – Multiuse Skincare Oil

About the product

  • NOTE: item expires after 3 years when exposed.
  • Health Concern- Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Dryness, Stretch Marks, Hyper pigmentation and Uneven Texture. Skincare Concern- Dryness
  • Helps gets better the look of uneven skin tone, dried out and the aging process skin. Formaldehyde-free, paraben-free, Sulfate-free, fluoride-free
  • Non-greasy and won’t clog your pores. Hypoallergenic. Perfect for all skin types, also sensitive and painful skin
  • #1 selling scar and stretch mark product in 18 countries and champion of 224 skincare awards

Product description

Size:6.7 Ounce

Bio-Oil 6.7oz: Multiuse cosmetic Oil. Bio-Oil supplements the skin’s normal oil level, helping to restore its barrier purpose of keeping moisture. Bio-Oil should be massaged in a circular motion in to the scar, twice every day, for at the least 3 months. On new scars, Bio-Oil should-be applied just once the injury has healed, and should not be used on broken epidermis

From manufacturer

Essential information


Twice daily for a minimum of a few months

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Consumer concerns & answers

Does this help with emotional scars?
🤣 day made
If your asking about a scar on your nose, I have one which I’ve had since I was a kid, i have already been putting it on the website and alson’t seen too-much huge difference yet, but every where else shows significant improvement and I also will continue to make use of it, hopefully nose will alter even more
does it help dry skin
In my opinion it does. I mix it with my regular moisturiser and put it on my face and body
Does it work great for scars?
Only on brand new scars or on skin you are aware will soon be controlled, like before and during maternity or preparing the skin before surgery and immediately after. But if it’s a mature scar, you’ll have the same results massaging olive oil in your scar.

Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars: Everyone loves this result. Hold using
I use this for four weeks also it recovering.
Amazon Customer
5.0 away from 5 performers: Bio-Oil is the better skin product on market
Bio-Oil is the better epidermis product on the market. I personally use it as a twice a-day, morning and before i-go to bed. Tiny outlines have disappeared. My skin is extremely smooth and appears to glow. A doctor suggested this to 1 of my buddies just who told me about any of it. We have purchased a number of bottles as presents.. Be patient. It may need a few months for you yourself to see notice the changes.
today Im utilizing it on my arms and arms. I really hope have a similar result. Im 71 years old. No body paid us to write this.
5.0 away from 5 stars: i prefer it
I’m 31, and I’ve noticed within the past year (by using a careless way of life) my skin featuresn’t already been jumping back too. I’ve small parts of orange-peel textured skin an inch below my eyes, and throughout the center of my forehead. Uncertain if you’d feature that to acne previously, or exactly what.. but this Oil had been worth an attempt to “repair the scars”. Now, while you know.. skin care is a risky online game. We all have actually various kinds of skin, as well as various epidermis dilemmas. I’m not able to inform you exactly what this can and won’t do for you of course, but i am aware for me it gives glow and appears to be working quite nicely. It’s very greasy, and so I use it during the night and rest back at my straight back. Give it a try.
5.0 off 5 movie stars: It’s a must-have during my skincare routine!
I place this on at least 1-2 times every day since I have got this two weeks ago. I personally use it on my stomach where I have stretch marks from my pregnancy and I additionally make use of it on my face and it helps moisturize my dry skin. I could tell my face is clearing up from my months-long pimples breakout AND I make use of the oil back at my underarms when I get free from the shower to try and lighten them up. Since my maternity, my underarms had gotten style of dark and I’m embarrassed to raise all of them easily have actually a tank top on… It appears to be to-be assisting my stain on both my face (from my zits) and underarms and I feel like my stretchmarks look different also. Really impressed with this specific product. I will continue to use and desire to see even better outcomes!
5.0 out of 5 stars: great skincare oil
I wanted buy this for my granddaughter which’s nearing puberty to greatly help avoid stretch-marks. I wanted to try it before I offered it away. I’m 61 & have quite dried-out skin. We tried it to my face through the night after cleansing. It could be fine in my situation to utilize under a moisturizer. Itis also suitable for scar treatment. I benefit cosmetic surgeons & recently a recovered patient whom’s surgical scars had faded well & rapidly, claimed she used it & Vit E. i do believe it’s perfect for both programs. We provided the remaining associated with the container to my 12 yr old granddaughter for scar treatments for small cuts & scraps & told her mother to share with the girl to use it on her breast & sides whenever she started to grow in those places during puberty. We want to order another container to displace this 1 to keep for my cuts & scrapes, etc. This has hardly any fragrance if any & goes on skin well. I would & have advised it to other people.

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