What Are The 3 Different Hair Types And How To Identify Them?

What Are The 3 Different Hair Types And How To Identify Them?

Exactly what are the 3 Different Hair kinds And How to determine Them?

It is often said that locks is a woman’s crowning glory! Very long, lustrous and silky hair has-been praised by innumerable poets.

I’m that my tresses is my ultimate accessory. I am able to go from an office to a celebration mode only with a change in hairstyle. Tresses improves our beauty and talks a great deal about our personality. Do you want a much better explanation to take good care of locks? If we know about the different locks kinds and exactly what our hair type is, it’ll be easier for us to do so.

Different Hair Types

A. Oily Hair:

oily locks

it’s very typical for anyone with oily epidermis to own greasy locks. Type of skin doesn’t differ between your noticeable area and your head, for this reason you’ve got greasy locks. Oily skin means greasy head while your head is oily, your hair will immediately become oily.

This is certainly mainly as a result of extra secretion of oil.

Simple tips to Recognize this Hair Type?

  • hair looks lifeless and lifeless almost all of the times.
  • However a lot you hair care, the hair on your head will look oily and limp in only each day or two.
  • Excess oil release leads to dandruff which leads to most locks fall.


  • Shampoo frequently
  • Rinse with diluted acid concoctions of lemon, vinegar, cider, and also beer
  • Avoid touching hair. Essential oils may be moved from your own epidermis to your hair.
  • Avoid oil massages since this will stimulate even more oil secretion
  • Opt for cool / room temperature liquid for tresses wash. Hot-water stimulates more oil production
  • Avoid conditioner on roots of this hair. Choose herbal remedies

B. Dry Hair:

dry hair

sedentary oil glands trigger for dried out locks. Well, not quite inactive glands but similar to ineffective glands.

When you yourself have dry skin, then it’s probably that you will have dried out hair. This is a direct result the insufficient production of sebum by the glands in your scalp.

Simple tips to Recognize this Hair Type?

  • Dry and frizzy hair as a result of overexposure towards sunlight, utilizing harsh shampoos and substance treatment
  • Split ends
  • Excessive hair breakage and loss


  • Hot oil massage
  • Deep conditioning as well as leave in remedies like L’oreal complete repair
  • Refrain from using flat irons etc.
  • Avoid day-to-day shampoo since it will dry the hair further
  • Opt for home remedies like a mashed avocado locks mask. Keep in and rinse off after 30 minutes

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C. Typical Hair:

normal locks

you’re fortunate for those who have this hair type!

Proper pH stability, shiny and healthy hair appear in conjunction using this kind. Though we must let you know the name is a massive misnomer. This is the many uncommon tresses kind locate. Take the regular precautions to completely clean, moisturize and protect it from sunlight harm and you will never ever face way too many difficulties using this hair kind.

How to Recognize this Hair Type:

  • Healthy tresses with just minimal hair loss
  • Minimal dandruff along with other issues


  • Eat a balanced diet to keep up this hair.
  • Opt for hair shampoos which can be sulfate free
  • Condition frequently

Tips to find out several types of Hair:

If you wish to know what the hair on your head kind is, test this simple test. Dab a tissue in your head the 2nd time after a wash.

  • If there’s an oil blot, you have normal hair.
  • If the tissue reveals absolutely nothing, it really is dry.
  • If strands stick to one another then it’s greasy and you have oily hair.

Hopefully, you ought to be able to determine your hair kind using these simple guidelines. To keep up the entire wellness of the hair, you ought to

  • Choose a healthy eating plan high in B vitamins
  • Air dry hair versus heat or towel dry
  • Use mild shampoos. Decide to try Baby shampoos when in a while
  • Don’t brush the hair whenever its wet
  • Embrace your normal hair and give a wide berth to chemical or heat treatment

Learn to love the hair on your head plus it shall show its love when you are fabulous.

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